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June 26, 2015
Good Morning Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am writing this letter today in response to the United States Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage. As a judicial body, they have the right to decide whatever they feel is just and right for society based on the law on the grounds of justice. They do not under any form of the law have any right to impose a law that violates anyone’s religious freedom as this is protected under the Constitution of the United States as well as most State Constitutions.

Therefore, should any of you find yourselves being encouraged to participate in any unbiblical practices, I am here to encourage and direct you to stand firm on the truth that is the Word of God. You have the right and as ordained ministers of God, you have the responsibility to act as a conscientious objector. Your city, state and federal governments DO NOT have the right to even suggest that you should officiate a same sex marriage, let alone demand it of you. If the Federal
Government wants to allow such a union, then they absolutely have the right to legalize the process, but that legal process is one that should be handled in a courtroom in front of a judge and not in our churches.

This may very well be a defining day in the life of our country, but it will without question be a defining day for us as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As Saint Paul said, “we are in the world, but not of the world”. Be steadfast in the call of Christ on your lives and do not waiver from the truths that He has placed in your hearts.

Peace and Blessings,